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  • Qualified Inspection Agency Certificate

  • Quality Management System Certificate

  • SME INNOBIZ Certificate

  • Venture Company Accreditation

  • Research Institute Certificate

  • Cholrine Injection Apparatus Possible Of Compensating Injected Chlorine Amount

  • For Water Purigication Plant Automatic complex interlocking injection equipment

  • Type1 License for Gas TreatmentWorks

  • License for Water & Sewerage Works


  • Automatic Chloride Injection Appratus and Method

  • Automatic Chemical Injection Method

  • Valve Control Method

  • Liquid Leakage Prevention Vaporizer

  • Vaporizer that uses steam for the heating source

  • Liquid Control Equipment using Vaporizer

  • Chloride Injection Equipment with adjustable volume control system

  • Water Purification Apparatus injecting cohesive agents using exhausting cylinder

  • Vacuum Adjustable Ejector

  • Automatic chlorine injection method

  • Automatic chlorine dosing device

  • Chlorine injector (Prepared in collaboration with K-WATER)

  • Sprayer

  • Flow measurement system using image