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Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Product Detail Information

◈ Automatic Chlorine Feeder


  The automatic Chlorine feeder is the pure localized Chlorine feeder of

  new comcept developed and manufactured so that the driving may be

  possible by commecting the outside intelligent type controller and PLC, etc.

  as the device controlling the Chlorine input amount to reach the set target

  value using the flux(m³) and residual chlorine.(ppm).


◈ Characteristic of products


 ◇Prodyction form : Self-supporting type of vacuum wet method, wall type

 ◇Accuracy : Automatic : 30 : 1 / manual : 15 : 1

 ◇Precision : Automatic (within ±1.0%)/manual(within ±2.0%)

 ◇Driving method : Control by the intelligent type controller, control by the

                           external signal


◈Type & Standard


 ◇Self-supporting type of vacuum wet method

    Model : BK-ACVA

    Stendard : 0.1~75kg/hr

 ◇wall type

    Model : BK-ACVA

    Stendard : 0.1 ~ 75kg/hr


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