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Sodium hypochlorite injection facility(NaCLO)

Product Detail Information

◈Sodium hypochlorite injection facility


 The injection facility of Sodium Hypochlorite is the injection facility of Sodium

 Hypochlorite showing the exvellent effect as it is optimized in the attainment

 of target water quality of residual​ chlorine by improving and applying the

 independently developed concentration maintaining type storage pit, the

 measuring instrument of Sodium hypochlorite concentration, reduction​

 device of disinfection by-products and injection device of automatic complex

 interlocking type, etc. innovatively.


◈Characteristic of products


  ◇Medicine concentration : 12% (6%, 5%, 2.5%)

  ◇Medicine injection method : Automatic and manual

  ◇Application of storage method for the manitenance of concentration

  ◇Application of measurement device of Sodium Hypochlorite concentration

  ◇Application of measurement device of image flux

  ◇The reduction of Chromate and Bromate is applied in the device

  ◇The method is applied for the attainment of water quality of target residual chlorine


◈Type & Standard


  ◇Type : Tube type/ Diaphragm type (Automatic Complex interlocking type)

  ◇Standard : 0 ~ 5ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 10ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 50ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 100ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 200ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 300ℓ/hr


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