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Manganese processing facility

Product Detail Information

◈Manganese processing facility


 It is the processing facility removing the Manganese included in the raw water through

 the oxidation, absorption of dissolved Manganese in the Manganese processing

 device that the Manganese thread and filter medium are filled by injecting and mixing

 the chlorine in proportion to the flux of raw material to be inflowed as the device

 processing the dissolved Manganese in the raw water and Sedimentation Water, this

 time, it is the device that the driving is done through the complex proportional control

 of intelligent type controller by measuring the residual chlorine in the former and latter

 residual chlorine and in the latter part of Manganese processing device in terms of

 the injection amount of chlorine.


◈Characteristic of products


  ◇Processing method : Mn Oxidation Tangency Filter Type

     (Manganese oxidizing contact filtration system)

  ◇Driving method : Auto Mn Removal Type

     (Automatic Manganese removal system)

  ◇Installation condition : In case the large amount of Manganese is included in the raw water,

     Sedimentation Water and filtered water, the criteria of water purification is satisfied by

     removing these.)

  ◇Object of installation : Membrane filtarion System, filter(circular tank) method, underground

     water with the rapid filtration method and simple waterworks.


◈Type & Standard


  ◇Type : Manganese oxidizing contact filtration system

  ◇Standard : 10m³ ~ 30,000m³/day (Processing capacity)


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