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Liquid calcium hydroxide facility

Product Detail Information

◈Liquid calcium hydroxide facility


  As the calcium hydroxide(20%) has been used as the medicine improving

  the corrosion index of water purification pipe of water purification plant or

  adjusting the pH of water quality of raw water, water prurification, the price of

  medicine is more inexpensive than the existing caustic soda, the hatred for the

  medicine is few and it is effective in the improvement and advance of corrosion



◈Characteristic of products


  ◇The even concentration with the reasonable agitation and inhibition for the creation

     of high concerntrated slurry

  ◇The stable operation of proportional control injection

  ◇The input of reasonable mixture for the inhibition of scale formation

  ◇The periodic management(washing) of slurry and solid matter

  ◇The maintenance for the Propriety of medicine injection amount


◈Type & Standard


  ◇Type : Flux and pH complex proportional control

  ◇Standard : Liquid calcium hydroxide 20%




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