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Liquid medicine injection facility

Product Detail Information

◈Liquid medicine injection facility


  It is the facility including the handling, storage of diverse medicine,

  medicine injection and mixture to be treated to produce a lot of water

  within a short time in the water purification plant. The medicine injection

  facility has the effect to raise the reasonable water purification efficiency

  and to reduce the driving and management expenditure according to it.


◈Characteristic of products


  ◇Coagulant :  The sediment and filtering shall be easy by flocculating​ the

     suspended solids in cluded in the raw water with the floc type.

  ◇Alkaline chemical : It is used to help the condensation in case the alkalinity of

     raw water is insufficient. It is used for the pH adjustment out of raw water.

  ◇Coagulant aid : It is used together with the coagulant for the improvement of

     floc formation, sediment and filtering efficiency.


◈Type & Standard


  ◇Type : Tube type and Diaphragm type

  ◇Standard : 0 ~ 50 ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 100 ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 300 ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 600 ℓ/hr

                   0 ~ 900 ℓ/hr


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