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  It is device removing the comparatively big flating substance in the sewage inflowed to the

  sewage treatment plant as the first stage of sewage treatment. It is the necessary facility

  not only to protect mechineries of prevention of pollution and pump of discharge zone but

  to smooth the process of sewage treatment.


◈Characteristic of products


  ◇A lot of inert matter may be removed within the short time as it is the continuous operation type.

  ◇The use in the deep waterway is possible, the breakdown is few.

  ◇The manual and antomatic driving are possible.

  ◇There are basket type moving screen, horizontal and mutual shuttle screen, extreme detailed

     moving screen and vertical multistage screen, etc. according to the form.


◈Specification of product​ 


  ◇Model : BKAS-500, Length : 1,000

                BKAS-600, Length : 1,150

                BKAS-700, Length : 1,250

                BKAS-800, Length : 1,350

                BKAS-900, Length : 1,500

                BKAS-1,000, Length : 1,650


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