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Vacuum Regulator

Product Detail Information

◈Vacuum regulator


 It is operated by the Diaphragm and spring by the vacuum, the changing

 gas pressure at the inflow side id depressurized for the stable supply to

 the operation point, and it is the product adjusting the certain vacuum

 maintenance using the throttle exercise.


◈Characteristic of products


 ◇ It is manufactured as function the chlorine gas pressure coming in the

     Chlorine feeder from the chlorine container, it is the structure blocking the

     input of chlorine gas automatically if the vacuum pressure is not supplied

    from the ejector.

 ◇ It is manufactured as the struture capable of the maximum input

     capacity of Chlorine feeder, is the structure that the Spring Loading Unit

     composed of Gas Inlet Valve, PVC Housing and Diaphragm is built in.


◈Type & Standard


 ◇ Stationary type

     Model name : BK-ACVR

     Standard : 0.1 ~ 10kg/hr

 ◇ Wall type

     Model name : BK-ACVR

     Standard : 5 ~ 75kg/hr



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