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Product Detail Information

◈Direct couple type Chlorine feeder


 It has been designed to use by attaching directly in the chlorine container

 and chlorine pipe, is the product inputting the chlorine gas that the safety

 is high as it is operated as the power by the cacuum. Also, the function

 creating and transferring the inflow gas and water under pressure and

 mixed dilution water to the input point is included.


◈Characteristic products


 ◇ Type : Header valve direct connection of container and pipe

 ◇ Component : Direct connection type chlorine feeder, ejector, feeder water

     pressure gauge, lead packing(gasket), ammonia water, washing water

     ceramic filter, o-ring and hose

 ◇ Operation pressure : Minium feed water pressure

     0.1 ~ 0.2Mpa(1~2kg/cm²)


◈Type & Standard


 ◇Model name  ◇Standard   ◇Discharge caliber of feed water  ◇Inhale caliber of feed water

    BK-CVD          100g/hr          15A                                       15A

    BK-CVD          200g/hr          15A                                       15A

    BK-CVD          500g/hr          15A                                       15A

    BK-CVD          1,000g/hr       15A                                        20A

    BK-CVD          2,000g/hr       20A                                        25A

    BK-CVD          5,000g/hr       25A                                        30A

    BK-CVD         10,000g/hr      30A                                        40A              


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