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Cl2 Gas Scrubber

Product Detail Information

◈Chlorine gas neutralization device


     It is composed of storage tank of caustic soda, reacting tower, ait blower, medicine

    transfer pump, filler and nozzle, etc. as the facility of disaster prevention. The

    operation principle is to transfer to the neutralization tower that the air blower inhales

    the leaked gas, is to treat neutrallization as the gas caustic soda contact as the

    medicine transfer pump installed at the neutralization tank sprays the caustic soda.


◈Characteristic of products


 ◇ Type : Up flow type, nozzle spray type

 ◇ Component : Neutalization tank, neutralization tower​, medicine transfer pump,

     air blower, caustic soda, demister, perfoated object, perforated plate, nozzle,

     sight glass and inspection hole, etc.

 ◇ Caustic soda : Concentration 20%(10m³/12ton)


◈Type and Standard


 ◇ Modle name Standard

     BK-SCL100 100kg/hr

     BK-SCL500 500kg/hr

     BK-SCL1000 1000kg/hr​ 

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