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Chloride Gas Leakage Detector

Product Detail Information

◈ Chlorine gas leak detector


 ◇ Measurement part : It is the detector the leakage of minute toxic gas.

 ◇ Instruction part : The gas and concentration by detecting the leakage or

     extremely tiny amount toxic gas in the atmosphere are expressed as the

     numerical value and bar graph, it is the leakage detector that the alarm

     LED and relay point of contact are operated if the gas concentration

     reaches the set concentration in advance.


◈ Characteristic of products


 ◇ Composition : Main alarm part, concentration instruction part and gas

     mesaurement part

 ◇ Expression of alarm : Audible signal(Buzzer), visual(LED)

 ◇ Cancellation of alarm : Return switch-Manual(Reset Switch)

 ◇ Measured output : 4~20mA, DC/Full Scale

 ◇ Power source of movement : DC24V

 ◇ Measurement form : Diffusion type(Diffusion)

 ◇ Measured gas : Toxic Gas


◈ Type & Standard


 ◇ Type : Electrochemical type

 ◇ Standard : 0~10ppm(change of setting is possible)​ 

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