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Residual Chlorine Meter

Product Detail Information

◈ Residual chlorine measuring instrument

 The measured value of residual chlorine is instructed and transferred within the specimen

 as the field type measuring instrument of water quality, the inside circuit has been

 designed so that it may be suitable in the continuous measurement in the water quality

 management and water purification processing process, etc. The function of Backlit

 Custom LCD, front movement lamp, self-diagnosis, manual·automatic correction,

 pH and temperature compensation and data storage as the microprocessor type, the

 measurement value, temperature value, output bar graph and every kind of image icon

 message in instruction part can be expressed.

◈ Characteristic of products


 ◇ Detection method : All-in-one control method of rotation number

     (all-in-one electrode, temperature compensation device)

 ◇ Object of measurement : Free residual chlorine(FREE)

 ◇ Measurement unit : mg/ℓ or ppm)

 ◇ Output signal : DC4~20mA

 ◇ Electrode washing : Ceramic beads continuous washing the rotation

     exercise of electrode

◈ Type & Standard


 ◇ Type : Non-reagent Type(electrode type)

 ◇ Standard : 0 ~ 10ppm (change of setting is possible)

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