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Manual Pressure Reducing Valve

Product Detail Information

◈ Pressure control device


 It is operated by controlling the primary inflow pressure as 0.5~1.2MPa

 (5~12kg/cm²), the secondary outflow pressure as 0.01~0.3MPa(0.1~3kg/cm²)

 as the pressure control device to transfer the chlorine pressure evenly.


◈ Characteristic of products


 ◇ The manual and motor operated pressure adjustment is possible

 ◇ Pressure adjustment method of Diaphragm


◈ Type & Standard


 ◇ Type : Diaphragm type Pressure adjusting type

 ◇ Standard : Inflow : 0.5~1.2MPa

     Outflow : 0.01~0.03MPa​ 

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