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Product Detail Information

Complex interlocking type controller


 The PLC program and communication program as well are included as

 the control facility surveilling and operating the whole of pre·mid·post-

 chlorine to attain the target residual chlorine, the intelligent type controller

 control board and injection facility of chlorine room.


◈ Characteristic of products


 ◇ Operation method

   -The indicidual complex driving using the former residual

    chlorine, flux and the latter residual chlorine

   -Complex interloking injection method using the intelligent

    type controller of pre·post and preliminary chlorine


◈ Type & Standard


 ◇ Type : Interlocking of pre·mid·post Chlorine and driving of Chlorine input facility

 ◇ Standard(M)

   -W0.8 x D0.6 x H2.1

   -W1.6 x D0.6 x H2.1


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